The Reflective Bible Study Advantage

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Google has made it easy to find knowledge about almost anything. A quick search can help you discover information, opinions, and ideas about virtually anything. However, what Google cannot help you do is grow a relationship — especially a relationship with God.

Most Bible studies fall into the trap of teaching you information. They do what Google does, but in a more structured way. Most Bible studies simplify teaching you about some belief or doctrine. The study author has filtered the information and Bible passages for you to help you discover what the Bible teaches on a specific topic. However, many Bible studies are biased, filtering out passages that don't support the author's beliefs, and learning knowledge about what the Bible teaches also does not necessarily help you grow a relationship with God.

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In contrast, Reflective Bible Study starts with the goal of helping you grow a relationship with God. We do this by starting with an open-ended framework for Bible study, and a framework that connects God's Word with your life. Reflective Bible Study packages start with the goal of sharing everything the Bible has to say about the person/topic you are studying. But instead of giving you information (which is what Google or most Bible studies would do), we walk with you on a multi-week journey that helps you discover much more about the Bible texts than simply looking through the lens of your study topic — and don't be surprised if on this journey, you strengthen your relationship with God as well.

Stop procrastinating.

Discover today how Reflective Bible Study can strengthen your relationship with God, and grow it into the relationship with God you've always wanted to have. God's waiting. Are you ready?

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