The Secret to Growing Faith: Luke 17:11-19

Focus Passage: Luke 17:11-19 (NASB)

Of the countless times Jesus healed people, I am always fascinated by one specific healing – the one included in this passage. Most times Jesus healed someone He would lay His hands on the individual, or in some way touch the sick person. In a few cases, He would give confirmation to the friend/family member when they came to Him on behalf of the sick person.

However, what is most distinct about this healing is that Jesus gives no confirmation, there is no contact aside from a distant shout, and what was shouted was simply a direction: “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” (Verse 14b)

This healing contains no encouragement or confirmation that the command to go to the priest would result in healing, but just like the Old Testament record of Naaman being healed in 2 Kings, chapter 5, obedience to the command itself demonstrates the faith that is present.

Perhaps the men knew Jesus could heal them, but maybe they weren’t sure entirely if Jesus would want to. Perhaps doubt had clouded their thoughts, and maybe only one was brave enough to be the spokesperson for the group – the same one who later returned to thank Jesus. These are some speculations that I have in my mind as to why Jesus may have answered like He did – He was pushing back against doubt.

Doubt has a way of stopping us from moving forward. It can derail our progress and cause us to slow down. Doubt derails our active, continually-moving-forward faith. God wants us to have a relationship with Him, but doubt creeps in to sabotage and stop the relationship from growing.

What really stands out in this healing that I can take and apply to my own life is Jesus’ first command to these men: “Go”. Sometimes we need to step out and start moving for God to be able to act. Sometimes, when we are stuck somewhere, we simply need to start moving, and then believe that God will direct us – though hopefully not as creatively as He did in Jonah’s life (recorded in the short book of Jonah).

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