The First Sign: John 2:1-12

Focus Passage: John 2:1-12 (NASB)

I wonder if during the first century, following the gospels and Jesus’ earthly ministry, there were rumors and speculating over Jesus as a child. If Jesus had the ability to perform miracles while with His disciples, logic would indicate that He could have performed miracles as a child or a young man.

But this logic is flawed, because prior to this event, Jesus had no reason to perform miracles – and the logic is also flawed in that Jesus did not perform miracles using His divinity – even during His few years of ministry. In His entire ministry, Jesus only used miracles that the Holy Spirit directed and empowered. Prior to His baptism, the Holy Spirit may have been with Jesus, but not in the same capacity as after He descended on Jesus after the baptism in the river.

The logic also denies a clear statement that John states in his gospel record. After the wedding at Cana miracle, John says, “This beginning of His signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and manifested His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.” (v. 11)

John tells us that this was Jesus’ first miracle, and this tiny detail in itself makes all the details surrounding this unassuming wedding in Cana that much more amazing. Jesus may have impressed the religious leaders in the temple when He was twelve, but that was with His knowledge, insight, and questions and not because of any miracle He did or was capable of doing.

I wonder if John clearly states this was Jesus’ first miracle to help clear up confusion over when Jesus actually began performing miracles. I wonder if John clearly said this to amplify the level of faith that is demonstrated in this event – because if no prior miracles had been performed, both Mary’s faith and the servants’ faith are off the charts when they believe Jesus to be able to solve the problem.

Jesus begins His miracle-worker reputation by solving a problem, and this is one of only a few problem solving miracles Jesus ever performed. Almost all of His miracles had to do with healing and casting out demons, but here at the beginning of His ministry, Jesus solves the problem of drink shortage at a wedding. If Jesus is interested in a problem as minor as this, then He is interested in the problems we face and He is willing to help us if we bring them to Him with our faith.

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