Revealing Your Secrets: Luke 8:16-18

Focus Passage: Luke 8:16-18 (NASB)

During one of the times that Jesus preached, Jesus points our attention to a very insightful truth that is incredibly challenging to every single person who has ever lived. While Jesus was talking about light, He makes the following statement, “For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” (v. 17)

In essence, Jesus is saying that no matter how dark your secret is, no matter how far down you have buried it, no matter if everyone has forgotten about it, there will be a point when your secret will be revealed. A shorter way to say this is simply: All secrets will eventually be revealed.

Now this is a challenging truth for every one of us. Many of us have secrets we don’t really want others to know about. Perhaps there are even some secrets that we want no one to discover. However, what we don’t have control over in Jesus’ words is whether these secrets stay hidden.

But we do have control over something: We can let time reveal our secrets on its terms, or we can reveal our own secrets on our own terms. While sharing secrets is never easy, and often times pain and tears follow, almost always is it better to reveal secrets on our own terms, because when we reveal it on our own terms, we give ourselves release from the pressure of keeping the secret.

While it might be a little obvious when I share it, there is another angle to secrets that we have control over. In your life and in my life, we can choose to make choices that are not secret-worthy. If we consistently act in a way that we don’t mind other people being aware of, then there is freedom from the need for secrecy. Some might call this “integrity” – living the same way in private as you do in public.

Jesus promises us that every secret ever kept will eventually be revealed. We have the choice to share our secrets on our own terms now, or let time spontaneously reveal our secrets on its terms.

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