Afraid to Ask: Luke 9:43b-45

Focus Passage: Luke 9:43b-45 (NASB)

While our passage for this entry is a short one, it includes some very profound thoughts. While reading it, a phrase stood out to me that can easily describe many people living not only during the disciples in the first century, but also for us living today.

The phrase comes at the end of verse 45, where we read, “and they [the disciples] were afraid to ask Him [Jesus] about this statement.

While this passage says that the meaning of the message Jesus shared with them was hidden from the disciples, there was a part in each disciples’ mind that understood some of what Jesus was saying, but they were afraid to ask deeper to understand more.

Was the meaning hidden from them because they were afraid to ask? Perhaps.

If the disciples had instead chosen to ask clarifying questions, dig deeper into what Jesus was trying to warn them about, then perhaps they could have discovered what was going to happen over the crucifixion week and not been as shocked when it does happen.

However, I am also reminded about myself and those of us living today. Seeing how the disciples were afraid to ask Jesus to help them understand makes me wonder if there is anything that I am afraid of asking Jesus/God/The Holy Spirit to help me understand.

By asking questions and seeking to understand, walls are broken down between people groups, and life becomes less about “us vs. them” and more about creating community. Sure, once we understand the other group’s view, we don’t have to agree with them, but understanding their thoughts helps us be kinder towards them.

I’m sure that God has incredible truth He is just waiting to help me uncover – but it will only happen if I chose to open my mind to what the Holy Spirit wants me to focus on, and the only way to get there is by pushing past the fear and simply ask!

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